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Parallel Lines


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Parallel Lines

My Story

Kaye Victorious Love: A Journey from Artistic Expression to Social Entrepreneurship & Business Coach.


Kaye Victorious Love, born on April 22, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, has woven a vibrant tapestry of talents and accomplishments throughout her life. A visionary CEO, founder, and business coach, Kaye has undergone a remarkable transformation from her early days as a rap artist, spoken word performer, graphic artist, writer and dancer to becoming a powerful force in the realm of coaching, motivational speaking, and social entrepreneurship.


Early Years and Artistic Exploration


Kaye's formative years were steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Southern values, hospitality and activism became integral to her identity. Raised by a strong, yet compassionate mother who shared meals with the entire neighborhood, provided a place to stay to those down on their luck, and told vivid stories of rising above segregation and marching with Martin Luther King, Jr., Kaye's inclination to care for those around her as a function of social justice became an enduring trait.


This innate kindness and commitment to advocacy later influenced her journey as a business coach and consultant, where Kaye leverages her experiences (both successes and failures) to empower others. The transition to the DMV area in 1989 marked a pivotal juncture in Kaye's life. Here, she was introduced to the world of hip-hop, go-go, and spoken word culture, nurturing her talents and love for urban arts. This period also set the stage for her eventual move to Baltimore in 2004, a city that would become both a crucible of challenges and a wellspring of valuable lessons.


Rise as a Social Entrepreneur


Kaye's evolution into a serial social entrepreneur reflects her unrelenting interest in the creation and implementation of impact-driven programs and ventures. The founder and CEO of Tribe Ingenuity Group LLC, a Baltimore-based coaching and consulting agency, as well as Equity Edge Marketing, a digital marketing agency, Kaye is committed to catalyzing positive change through innovation, strategic partnerships, and collaborations, particularly for traditionally disenfranchised populations in urban areas.


Her extensive background in graphic design, web design, sound design, photography, arts administration, and event management paved the way for remarkable successes as a marketer and marketing strategist. Collaborations with notable organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Maryland, and various academic institutions uniquely position Kaye to leverage her cultural currency for marketing, content, program, and branding strategy for maximum impact.


Motivated by the distressing prevalence of homelessness and the dearth of affordable housing choices in Baltimore, Kaye remains steadfast in her dedication to social justice as a Maryland real estate agent at Pennant Realty where she actively engages as a real estate investor, collaborating with community stakeholders, advocates, and local business owners, to combat blight and cultivate dynamic, thriving communities accessible to all.


With a track record of adeptly wholesaling and revitalizing properties in the DMV region, her tenure stands as a testament to her prowess. Teaming up with Pennant Realty, a collective boasting over three decades of combined experience, Kaye orchestrates opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs to optimize their ventures.  


Kaye also undertakes the role of a mentor, extending guidance, resources, and unwavering support to solo-entrepreneurs, potential new investors and proprietors of small businesses in their pursuits of procuring and venturing commercial real estate and investment properties.


Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Breakthroughs


Kaye's journey is marked by moments of triumph over personal challenges. Battling complex PTSD that hindered her performances despite her love and longing to be a performer as K. Love the Infinite, she eventually conquered her demons and secured a spot as a freestyle dancer and artistic director with an internationally award-winning urban arts dance troupe, a monumental achievement that symbolized the triumph of resilience and courage over adversity.


This accomplishment, which followed years of therapy and determined effort, has enabled Kaye to further explore and share information about the healing effects of house dance, go-go music, and hip-hop culture as an award-winning playwright, a multi-disciplinary urban artist under a new name of K.Now the Truth Shamanic MC (kdotnow for short) and as through a few new business endeavors. 


Yet, Kaye's path was not without obstacles. The disappointment of being unable to complete her college education due to unforeseen health and housing difficulties cast a shadow on her senior year's progress where she lost a scholarship and a fellowship opportunity to work with a start-up mentor to launch a promising business idea that she had spent years developing in partnership with Coppin State University’s Urban Arts & Entertainment Management programs. However, this setback ignited a fire within Kaye, leading her to forge a new path in the world of business and entrepreneurship with a new vision and even bigger goals.


A Vision for Global Change


Driven by an unwavering commitment to her communities, Kaye's journey is defined by her heart. Her deep empathy for the struggles of marginalized individuals fuels her innovation and dedication to social entrepreneurship.


Through Tribe Ingenuity Group, Equity Edge Marketing and Pennant Realty, Kaye is empowering artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to amplify their impact on social justice while achieving financial growth.


An inventive and persevering talent, Kaye’s legacy is built on the philosophy of collaborative problem-solving and embracing creativity in the face of adversity.


With a goal to positively impact 100 million lives by 2050, Kaye's journey from artistic expression to serial social entrepreneurship is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world. With this purpose steering her path, she embarks on a dual educational journey, re-enrolling at Coppin State University to complete a Bachelor of Science in Arts Administration. Simultaneously, she undertakes the rigorous pursuit of an MBA, immersing herself in a transformative 18-month curriculum.


Within this challenging endeavor lies the monumental task of conceiving and birthing a million-dollar enterprise, starting from the seed of an idea, and guiding it through to its triumphant launch. Selected as one of only fifty participants from a competitive pool of two thousand applicants, Kaye's inclusion in this program stands as a testament to her exceptional promise. Her vision, vibrant and forward-thinking, is poised to yield a technologically empowered business that holds the potential to positively impact the lives of millions in the coming years.


Fueled by an unyielding determination to amplify her entrepreneurial acumen, Kaye directs her focus towards a mission that resonates deeply – one that benefits artists, innovators, and small business proprietors aiming to effect positive change within historically marginalized communities.




Kaye Victorious Love's evolution from a multifaceted artist to a serial social entrepreneur and business coach is a testament to her unwavering determination, resilience, and commitment to positive change.


Her journey exemplifies the power of creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking in building businesses and business owners that serve marginalized communities while fostering personal growth and impact.


With a heart that beats for the well-being of others, Kaye's story is an inspiration to those who strive to create a better world through innovative entrepreneurship and compassionate leadership.


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Parallel Lines


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