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“Striving for social justice is the most valuable thing to do in life.” - Albert Einstein.


for Social Justice & Public Health

KVL utilizes commercial marketing techniques along with ideas from the social sciences to create events, campaigns, promotions, and programs that influence behavior for the benefit of social justice and public health, sustainably and cost-effectively. 


Urban Arts, Theatre, Music, Film
& Events Administration

With a BS in Urban Arts Administration, and Entertainment Management from Coppin State University, KVL provides guidance and support to individuals and organizations with urban arts, music, or event projects and businesses. Whether conceptualizing marketing strategies, developing fundraising campaigns, designing programs, organizing and promoting events, booking and managing talent, overseeing budgets, negotiating contracts, or supervising paid and volunteer staff, KVL delivers consistent results that exceed expectations.

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Culturally relevant health education and promotion are crucial to bridging the wellness gap that exists for marginalized populations. Recognizing and incorporating the cultural assets and strengths of urban language, arts, media, and music, KVL helps individuals, wellness programs, and public health organizations connect with urban audiences, consumers, and participants through emotion, storytelling, and aesthetics that increases efficacy in behavior change and health outcomes

KVL has worked diligently as a housing counselor, mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, and real estate investor to assist marginalized individuals and families get access to homeownership for increased community efficacy in public health, safety, and security.


Community Development through
Real Estate Sales & Investments

Culturally Relevant 
Wellness Consulting, Coaching
& Programming


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